April 19, 2024 8:12 am
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Local News

The Growers of Tart Cherry, One of Michigan’s Most Famous Fruits, Face Challenges

Credit: iStock

The 2022 tart cherry harvest season has been tough for many Michigan growers. While tart cherries require to be processed promptly after harvest, finding Michigan fruit processors has become a challenge as many of these factories have shut down over the last few years. 

The negative impact of climate change, competition from imports, coupled with a shortage of farm workers have not made the situation any better. As the volatility of the industry paints a grim picture, what is somewhat comforting is that many local farmers have claimed that they are not ready to give up yet.

A Shrinking Job Market- State of Employment in MI

Data from the U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides insight into the scope of employment in Michigan. With information from as recently as January, 2024, we can compare Michigan’s employment turnover data with that of other states to get a better picture of how things stand here in the Great Lakes State.